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Guest Post by Will Dailey, Farm Aid Musician

Guest post by Will Dailey. Will was kind enough to play at Farm Aid the past two years. For more information, visit his website at

Hour 12th of the work day for me.

I have been running non-stop since I got here at 7AM.

My last bit of “work” for the day is this blog.

Interviews, press and playing for the great people of MO are all behind me now.

I can kick back a little and enjoy the great music and amazing food!

The atmosphere back stage and in the crowd is amazing. And being a part of Farm Aid is more fulfilling that I can put into a blog. A 12-hour day is nothing with this crew.

However, if I were a family farmer trying to hold on to my land and business a 12-hour work day would only be half the day.

It has knocked me over today, more than once, that for 24 years Farm Aid has been helping the family farmer and leading the discussion about the food we make and put in your bodies in this country.

That is 24 years of success! But also, it is 24 years that there is a need. It is 24 years of people eating factory farm food that is not healthy for them while the family farm suffers.
It is 24 years fighting against factory farms and fighting for the very root our of economy and health.

There is a long road behind us and a long way to go. But if anything is evident heading into year 25, it is that Farm Aid will be there for the farmer and the farmer will be there for us.

Where will you be?

Text FARMER to 90999 to donate 5$ to Farm Aid. Or find a farm near you.

Thanks Farmers.
Will Dailey

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