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Action | May 26, 2017

Save the Farmer Fair Practices Rules

Last year, the USDA released the Farmer Fair Practices Rules, providing basic protections for livestock producers and poultry growers who work in an industry dominated by corporations. But these rules are being held up again — this time by pro-corporate forces within the current administration. Farmers have waited decades for these protections and they need your help to get them finalized!

Don’t let big meatpackers and poultry companies get their way. Please help by submitting comments to USDA today!

Take Action

Taking action is easy! Follow the steps below. Comments are due Monday, June 12th.

Step 1 – Copy this draft comment:

I am commenting in regard to 9 CFR Part 201, Federal Register Number 2017-07361, posted on April 12, 2017, urging you to allow the Interim Final Rule (IFR) to become effective without further delay. Family farmers and ranchers have waited long enough, and have a right to these very basic protection against unfair, deceptive and discriminatory practices by packers and poultry companies.

Step 2 – Paste it to this page

Step 3 – Submit!

  • Add any information you desire (Are you a farmer? Do you believe in basic fairness or the importance of reigning in corporate abuses? Say so!)
  • Click the “Continue” button.
  • On the next page, confirm you’ve read the statement and click “Submit Comment.”


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