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Red Tomato


Plainville, MA

Wally Czajkowski Red Tomato Grower

Red Tomato strives to bring fairness, transparency and sustainability to every aspect of the business of food. In 2014 they launched a unique Direct Store Delivery program, which allows them to support the marketing needs of their customers, differentiate their farms, and offer hundreds of farm fresh vegetables and fruits, all while maintaining control of the price and being responsive to customers’ needs.

Red Tomato’s farm stand in the Quincy, MA Hannaford store.

Red Tomato’s farm stand in the Quincy, MA Hannaford store.

Since the organization doesn’t have their own trucks or warehouse, they’ve partnered with a farmer, Wally Czajkowski, who aggregates product from multiple sources in one central pick-up point. With Wally’s help, product from throughout New England is amassed, sorted and either shipped to another distribution partner, or delivered to customers direct from the farm. Through this partnership, Red Tomato is able to reach mainstream markets and tell the story of local food—growing the greater Good Food Movement.

With Farm Aid support, Red Tomato can test and develop initiatives that take time and patience to implement. “With Farm Aid’s support we are able to better find solutions to the challenges that face local food distribution, our nation’s farmers, and the greater socioeconomic context we operate in.”

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