Farm Aid 2018 Credits

Executive Producer: Willie Nelson
Creative Director: Mark Rothbaum
Producers: Ron Stern, Carolyn Mugar, Glenda Yoder and Jennifer Fahy
Production Manager: Charlie Hernandez
Site Coordinator: Rich MacDonald
Stage Manager: Steve Gudis
The Roadies: Dug Wuest, Chris Deters, Bart Durbin, Michele Morin, Nick Foster, Heather Rogan, Tom Davis, Matt Monahan and Mathew Fulkerson
Production Coordinators: Andrea Fulkerson, Jean Dalsin and Megan MacDonald
Artist Advance: Vicki Krone
Talent Coordinators: Kim Taylor and Mike Krone
Artist Hospitality: Esther Bloch
Crew Travel Coordinator: Charles Zimmer and Jean Dalsin
Ground Transportation: Brian Market
Credentials: Aaron Bach, Arnett Designs
Security: Steve MacDonald
Lighting: John Huddleston, Upstaging Lighting
Lighting Crew: Joshua Wagner, Franklin Antonio, Zachary Bain, Christopher Dries and Andrew Harvey
Lighting Designer/Director: Jason Robinson
Lighting Design Operations: Christopher Keene, Ross McNamara, Eric Wade, Alex Seiler and Matt DeJong
Sound: Clair Global: Troy Clair, Robert Drewes, M.L Procise (1985-2014) and Greg Hall
Sound Crew: Greg Mackey, Paul Jump, Andrew Puccio, Jason Ruggles, Nathan Falknor, Juan Gomez, Scott Diamond, Scott Diamond, William Jump, Tristian Robbins, Casey Harriman, Richard Thompson and Bryce Beauregard
Video Screens: Screenworks NEP: Danny O’Bryen, Amy Segawa and Kevin Hoyle
Video Crew: Ryan Ratajczak, Rob Taylor, Denny Relf, Austin Smith, Hassan Alkhalili, Chris Jones, Victor Avilla, Jaime Cantrell and Jay Cooper
Video Monitors: Solotech: Todd LePere, Leon Roll and Peter Moll
Backline: Clair Backline
Backline Crew: Matt Borders
Audio Recording: Metro Mobile Recording, Timothy Powell; Aurasonic, Steve Remote
Audio Recording Crew: Mike, Konopka, Art Harrison, Paris Lahr and Don Fierro
Trucking: Upstaging Trucking: Robert Carone, Robin Shaw, Chanon DiCarlo, Jennifer Clark and Evan Lawrence
Video Director: Danny O’Bryen
Walkie Talkies: AAA Communications: Ronnie Martinelli, Lori Raccioppi and Linda Shepard
Camera Operators: Jaimie Cantrell, Jay Cooper and Victor Avilla

Farm Aid Interstitial Spots

Producer/Director: Susan Steiner
Camera: Rex Miller, Damon Hennessey
Editor: Christo Tsiaras
Sound: Keith McManus, Robert Aguilar
Additional Camera:  Henry Ferrini
Assistant Editor: Eliot Francese
Production Assistant: Joe Buhnerkemp, William Ferrell


Culinary Director: Sonya Dagovitz
HOMEGROWN Catering: Parkhurst Dining, Justin Betzer, Dave DeCollo
HOMEGROWN Concessions®: Legends Hospitality
HOMEGROWN Youthmarket: Demitris Giovanni Edward, Tom Strumolo

Composting Coordination: Anne Bedarf, Derek Bedarf

Compost Removal: Blue Earth Compost

HOMEGROWN Village:  David Michael

Décor: Botticello Farms, Eddy Farms

Publicity: Vanguard Communications: Brenda Foster, Brittany Vanderpool, Sangeetha Sarma, Faith James and Crystal Borde

Sponsorship & Hospitality: Integrated Market Solutions, Inc., Dennis Gorg, Michael Caskey, Mike Steinbacher, Heather Ripa, James Carney, Anne Roberts, DennyG

Farm Aid App: Aloompa
Webcast Producer: Matt Glidden
Farm Aid Webcast Streaming: The Switch


Event Logo: Icon Interactive
Merchandise Operations: Rick Roth, Pam Ikegami and Brian Murphy
T-Shirt Screen Printing: Rick Roth/Mirror, TS Designs, SunDog Productions
Poster Printing: Jakprints
Transportation: Rick Roth and Brian Murphy
Merchandise Designs: Franc Graham, Brian Lessard, KC Hruby, Jon Sulkow, Ari Weinkle

Official Photographers: Ebet Roberts, Brian Bruner, Sabine Carey, Lise Metzger, Scott Streble, John Cavanaugh

Pre-Sale Ticketing: TicketsToday

Thanks to the 400 volunteers who help Farm Aid 2018 run smoothly, including Teamsters Local 671!


Evan Haiman – Executive Producer
Allyson Vecchione – Producer
Danny O’Brien – Director
Stephen Stormer – Senior Director of Production
Chris Markwell – Tech Manager
James Kruger – Production Manager

Farm Aid Legal: Greenburg Traurig, Jess Rosen

Farm Aid Staff

Caroline Campbell McCormick, Operations Director
Jennifer Fahy, Communications Director
Sophie Friedman, Volunteer Coordinator
Matt Glidden, Online Marketing Director
Don Graham, Office Manager
Alicia Harvie, Advocacy & Farmer Services Director
Jessica Kurn, Online Communications Specialist
Caroline Malcolm, Development Manager
Carolyn Mugar, Executive Director
Joe Schroeder, Farm Advocate
Steve Snyder, Development & Brand Director
Glenda Yoder, Associate Director

Farm Aid Board of Directors

David Anderson
Paul English
Richard Fields
Joel Katz
Dave Matthews
John Mellencamp
Lana Nelson
Willie Nelson
Mark Rothbaum
Evelyn Shriver
Neil Young

Live Nation

Recorded at XFINITY THEATRE, Hartford, Connecticut, Live Nation Worldwide, Inc.

© Farm Aid, Inc.

Farm Aid Donors/Supporters

11th Hour Project
Adams Family Foundation
Agua Fund
Broadcast Music, Inc.
Colleen Bartlett
Dahr Jamail
Deb & Brian Leedom
GCH, Inc.
GRACE Communications Foundation
Helios Foundation
Henry Hillman Foundation
HRK Foundation
Isenberg Projects
Jane Smith Turner Foundation
Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation
Jim Smith
Kim & Jack Johnson
Lavin Family Foundation
Legends Hospitality
The Marigold Project
Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats
Paul & Renee Salden
Robert and Joan Blackman Family Foundation
Susan & Raymond Linda
The DeFeo Family
The Leo S. Walsh Foundation
The Mead Foundation
Thomas & Connie D’Ambra
Wallace Action Fund
Wallace Global Fund
Wellfleet Preservation Hall

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