Blog | September 13, 2014

With good music, there’s got to be good food!

AmandaHere at Farm Aid, we put thought into every aspect of concert day. From scheduling to signage, each details is planned with great care. Of course, you’ve probably wondered how we wrangle such a stellar line-up into one day of music, but you might not have considered all of the work that goes into bringing together the HOMEGROWN Concessions. Past concert experiences might lead you to think “It’s just hot dogs and hamburgers,” but to us, the food is everything.

Abiding by that old you are what you eat mentality, we make sure everyone involved in Farm Aid is eating the best food possible. This means taking the time to source local, organic ingredients in all of the food we serve, so when you go to a concession stand and grab a corn dog or a hamburger, you’re actually helping North Carolina farmers! We establish a strict set of guidelines for our vendors and caterers to ensure that we’re all eating healthy while also highlighting and supporting the great farmers who grow our food. Countless vendors have to shape up to pass the test, bringing in locally-sourced ingredients and changing around their basic recipes, but the creative teams behind each concession stand pull through and make it work every year to be a part of this special community.

Hungry concertgoers wait in line at The Pit, serving BBQ made with
pasture-raised pork from Adam Grady Farms in Kenansville, NC. 

Planning the HOMEGROWN Concessions menu is a big job, but the results make it all worth the effort. The same amount of careful thought and planning goes into the catering menu for our staff, volunteers and artists as well – if we don’t plan on eating genetically modified foods grown in the presence of chemicals, we certainly aren’t going to feed them to you!

A stand of fresh, North Carolina produce provided by the Youth Market in the
HOMEGROWN Concessions area. 
Don’t just take our word for it – experience everything about the food yourself! The Farm Aid app has listings of each of our HOMEGROWN Concessions vendors with details regarding the origin of ingredients and links to check out the farms where the food was grown. We want you to know where your food comes from and love eating every bite.

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