Blog | September 21, 2013

My Time in the Village – The Food!

GenevieveWith this being my first Farm Aid, I was just as eager to explore the HOMEGROWN Village as I was to attend the concert itself. As a health nut, I was thrilled knowing that Farm Aid’s HOMEGROWN Concessions® were made up of nothing but good food from family farms. With so many local and organic foods to taste, lemonades to chug, and eaters to interact with, I didn’t even know where to begin.

Thus, I started with what I know best: coffee. I made my way over to Dean’s Beans Coffee, waited in the world’s longest line, and came out with possibly the best iced coffee of my life. I had a life-changing experience of what it means to be one-hundred percent organic and fair trade, and don’t know how I can ever go back to my daily cup of Dunkin.

After this coffee revelation of mine, I made my way over to the Grow NYC YouthMarket, where I met Tom, a first time concertgoer like myself. There we tried the cider donuts, and the only words I could get out of him as he stuffed his face were, "they’re so tasty and so starchy!" Is starchy a good thing? I guess take that as you will. Nevertheless, I found them to be nothing short of a delicious combination of moist dough and crunchy sugar crystals.

Right next to the Grow NYC tent was Jalapeño Corndog, serving hand-dipped corndogs and fresh cherry limeade. There I met the lovely couple, Tom and Erica from Saratoga. Tom appeared to be very inspired by the Homegrown Concessions, and revealed that farming is something he wants to be more active in. "I am amazed that everything here is local," said Tom. "I’m excited to pay because I know the money is going into the right pockets," he added. Beside him, Erica indulged in a jalapeño corndog, calling it "savory and spicy, all in one delicious package!"

Other popular concessions included Chipotle Mexican Grill, Amy’s Kitchen, Patchwork Family Farms, and an endless supply of Ben and Jerry’s stands. Guilty of trying almost every single one, I sit here writing this uncomfortably full, but with absolutely no regrets.

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