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Blog | May 13, 2015

Tell Your Senators to Protect Local Control

Missouri’s legislature is currently debating two pro-corporate bills, SB 131 & HB 882, that attack local control, democracy, family farms and the health of citizens.

If SB 131 passes, any county, city or business located in a county with a health ordinance or rules created to protect residents from the adverse impacts of corporate factory farms will be disadvantaged on all points-based grants from the state Department of Agriculture, Department of Natural Resources and the Department of Economic Development. SB 131 would also prohibit disclosure of any data collected for the purpose of animal health or environmental protection under the Missouri Sunshine Law, and could lead to harmful levels of corporate and government secrecy that would shield bad actors from accountability for irresponsible practices.

Similarly, If HB 882 passes, the Missouri Department of Agriculture will give priority on all loans, permits, and licenses to businesses in counties that are “Agri-Ready” – that is a county without a health ordinance or any rules that regulate CAFOs and industrial livestock operations.

Stand up for local control and family farmers. Contact your Senators today and tell them:

  • You support Local Control and urge them to vote NO on Senate Bill 131, House Bill 882 and any bill that weakens local control, the ability of local elected representatives to protect constituents, and our right to self-govern
  • To vote NO on Senate Bill 131 and ANY bill that threatens the Sunshine Law! SB 131 could lead to unhealthy levels of government secrecy that would shield Missourians from irresponsible and harmful actions by corporate industrial livestock operations and CAFOs.

Click here to find your state Senator, or if you already know them, connect directly from the list below:

Senator Rob Schaaf

Senator Dan Hegeman

Senator Jason Holsman

Senator David Pearce

Senator Mike Cunningham

Senator Bob Dixon

Senator Jill Schupp

Senator Scott Sifton

Senator Jay Wasson

Senator Joseph Keaveny

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