Blog | March 22, 2007

Jeni urges you to usher in spring with an e-card

Back by popular demand, we have a whole new lineup of e-cards to celebrate the much anticipated start of spring. Last year hundreds of you shared the e-cards with friends. It’s the perfect way to remind folks to check out local farmer markets, join a CSA or just celebrate the season of family farmers starting to get back into the fields.

We’re thrilled to feature photos from the talented Jason Houston (thanks again Jason!). We’ve picked out a few of our favorites to choose from (the chickens are our fav), but you can also explore his entire amazing collection of 3,500 food and farm images here.

This year’s e-cards are special for us because all of the photos were taken at Moon in the Pond Organic Farm where Jen spent a week of her vacation working on the farm. Of course, Jen sent them the very first e-card.

Check out the photos and send your own e-card!

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