Blog | February 12, 2007

Jen Blogs About Her Favorite Blog

Farmgirl Fare is just about the best blog out there for wanna-be farm girls like me. Love witty writing? Love great recipes? Love adorable photos of farm animals and the hilarious stories they often give word to? You’ve got to check out this blog.

“Farmgirl” is an organic farmer named Susan who lives in Missouri. I wish she lived here in Massachusetts so she could be my best friend, or at least teach me a little tiny bit of all the wonderful things she knows. She’s hilarious and smart and talented. She takes gorgeous pictures that show what’s going on on her farm throughout the year. (Check out the cutest lamb ever on the right!) Her cast of characters—chickens, sheep, dogs, cats, and even a donkey—keep me tuning in daily for updates. Through her blog I’ve become obsessed with a tiny lamb named Caraway. Caraway, or Cary for short, was born last spring, a cute little twin lamb with a bad leg. Her mom, as animals will do in the cruel way of evolution, decided to focus on her healthy son and basically left Cary an orphan. Farmgirl couldn’t let Cary just die. She bottle-fed Cary until she was strong enough to survive on her own. And in the process Farmgirl gained a fuzzy friend who would curl up at her feet as she blogged, or provide company as she worked in her fields. Cary’s now 9 months old, but you can read her whole story on the blog. I recommend it. But have some tissues handy… it’s a heartwarming tail! : )

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