Blog | March 27, 2013

Introducing FIND GOOD FOOD on

Jennifer WehuntGood food news—and just good food, in general—from Farm Aid’s younger sibling, The online community and skill-sharing website has taken a page from Farm Aid and introduced FIND GOOD FOOD, a collection of resources designed to help folks locate family farmed food in their own backyards—figuratively speaking, that is.

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While lots of amateur gardeners and small-scale growers already look to HOMEGROWN for tips on raising everything from rabbits to shiitake mushrooms, most of those folks aren’t professional farmers, and most don’t grow everything they eat. That’s where FIND GOOD FOOD comes in. This new compilation of food-finding resources is meant to connect the dots between farmers and eaters and to help get good food into everyone’s bellies. There’s even a separate list of state-by- state resources that might or might not be the first of its kind. Know of another one? Give HOMEGROWN a yell, and they’ll add it to the list.

In fact, yell lots. And loudly. While FIND GOOD FOOD is a fine start, it’s only the beginning. HOMEGROWN is hoping you’ll help make the list even better. Meatier. Juicier. Bigger. Sort of like a flashing neon sign that directs folks to real food. Give the list a look and post a comment with your own additions. Because when it comes to finding good food, HOMEGROWN has an insatiable appetite.

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