Blog | September 17, 2008

Farm Aid’s Newest Tool: The Farmer Resource Network

Today, Farm Aid announced the launch of its web-based Farmer Resource Network to help farmers answer the consumer call for more quality family-farmed foods. The Farmer Resource Network is a tool for family farmers to find new and innovative ideas to help them meet the rising consumer demand for more local, organic and sustainably-grown food. It’s an outgrowth of 23 years of Farm Aid’s hotline work, finding resources in each state to meet the needs of farmers. If you’re looking to become a new farmer, the Farmer Resource Network also contains tools to help put you on the land.

Willie Nelson had this to say about the Farmer Resource Network: “Family farmers are real heroes and true innovators. Everyday they’re coming up with new ideas and now they have a tool to learn about what works from each other. Their ingenuity guarantees a strong future of family farm food.”

We were lucky to have some partners in getting the Farmer Resource Network off the ground. These major organizations involved in promoting sustainable and organic farming include the National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service, the Organic Farming Research Foundation and Rodale Institute.

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