Blog | June 4, 2020

Farm Aid Response on Racial Justice

Farm Aid stands in solidarity with Black communities working for justice in the face of systemic racism and violence. We must be vocal and clear in our opposition to all racist acts of violence, and the institutions that perpetuate white supremacy. The most recent instances of violence against Black people, violence against protestors, and the disproportionate impacts of COVID-19 are a part of a long history of racism and injustice in this country.

Farm Aid’s vision—of a transformed America in which family farmers and eaters are partners in a thriving farm and food system that benefits all—is not possible without actively being part of the struggle for racial equity and justice.

We are on an active journey of learning how to better live up to our values and take stronger action to end racism in our society, and in our farm and food system. We are committed to listening, learning and deepening our work to advance racial equity and justice.

Today, Farm Aid commits to:

  • Promoting agricultural policies and actions for racial equity and centering the leadership of Black communities.
  • Sharing tools and resources with our audience to expose how racism is embedded in our farm and food system—especially through corporate control of agriculture—and how we can all work to end it.
  • Using our platform to listen to and amplify Black voices, both those fighting for justice in the food and farm system, and our society as a whole.
  • Spotlighting Black-led farmer organizational partners and reaching out to organizations and farmers with whom we are not yet working.
  • Continuing our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion work as a staff to inform our work as an organization and as individuals.
  • Creating an ever-more inclusive community.

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