Blog | February 11, 2013

Farm Aid Music Monday, Starring Kenny Rogers

MattToday’s Music Monday brings us back to 1985 for videos of Kenny Rogers from the first Farm Aid concert. Being six years old and living in Maine at the time, I wasn’t anywhere near the concert and not that knowledgeable about music anyway. (My favorite record at the time being Sesame Country featuring the hit (?) song, "Sesame Jamboree.") But I did know Kenny Rogers from his Gambler series of TV movies, and also because one of his tapes was a constant companion in my parents’ car.

Kenny is still performing all over the country and internationally and in 2012 released an autobiography titled, Luck or Something Like It. (A big year for musical artists to release books, as both Neil Young and Willie Nelson also published autobiographies.) Watch the Kenny Rogers playlist below to see him perform, “She’s A Mystery,” “Reuben James,” “Ruby,” “Morning Desire,” and “Islands in the Stream.”

Our YouTube channel has over 800 Farm Aid videos! Which one’s your favorite?

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