Blog | September 21, 2008

Checking out the Farm Aid merchandise

The sun is down, the crowd is on it’s feet, and the mood is electric. I thought this would be a good time to walk around the venue and check out the merchandise stands. There are lots of really cool shirts available for concertgoers this year. When I asked what the most popular item has been today, I got the same answer at each and every booth–hands down, the 2008 Concert Logo T-Shirt is the one to get. I’m in agreement with the masses on this one, that’s the shirt I am taking home myself. My daughter has asked repeatedly for a Farmers Kick Ass shirt, but while I think it’s a swell shirt, I don’t know that I want to have THAT conversation with a 5th grade teacher. “Well, Mrs. Teacher, I understand that things may have gotten a little unruly in class today, but can you really argue with the sentiment? They really do kick ass!” I think she’ll get a matching one with mine.

We have had beautiful weather all day today but as we move into night it is starting to get a little brisk. According to the salespeople, as the temperature has dropped sales on long sleeve shirts, sweathshirts and jackets have been moving up. I asked each place I stopped if there were any funny stories to share. I figured by the end of a long day, someone would have tried to purchase their merchandise with lira or something. But no, everyone agreed that business has been steady and brisk but otherwise uneventful.

Judging by the number of t shirts from past Farm Aid shows I saw during my walk, I’d say it is safe to say two things. First of all, Farm Aid puts out nice shirts if they are lasting year over year and people keep wearing them. And secondly, once you come to Farm Aid you will want something to remember the day–and want to come back again the next chance you get.

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