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CorneliaThis is going to be so cool.

Today we are thrilled to announce a regular series here on the HOMEGROWN blog called HOMEGROWN Life. Every week you’ll hear from a passionate, creative person who has chosen to take the road less-traveled. Whose standards of quality, independence and accomplishment require that they do it themselves, and, ideally, on terms they can feel good about.

We HOMEGROWNers find joy in being connected to the sources of our food, to the land and to each other. These folks (some familiar faces, some are new to the community) will be sharing their joy with you in ongoing conversations every week.

Introducing the HOMEGROWN Life Contributors:

Danielle Leszcz, Yellowtree Farm

Danielle Leszcz, Yellowtree Farm

“I’m half of YellowTree Farm, an urban homestead that I founded with my husband in late 2008. Together, my husband and I grow vegetables and raise animals on less than 1/10 of an acre in St. Louis, Missouri. We speak publicly about urban farming, sew, and make our own toiletries. I don’t have children. I have animals, which is kind of the same thing as being a parent, except I eat my babies.”

Yellow Tree Farm’s web site:

Tory, Sequim, WA

Tory Cross, Sequim, WA

I live in the Pacific Northwest with my non-tree hugging, environmentally friendly, dreamin’-of-farming husband and our four wild, dirt lovin’ kids. When I’m not writing of the adventures (or misadventures) on our micro-homestead, you might find me stalking Craigslist, Freecycle, or Facebook. And since I’m all about multi tasking, I’ll probably be out gardening, baking, menu planning, home-educating, exploring with the kiddos, and scheming on how to get chickens past my HOA.

Tory’s blog: Champagne Wishes and Coupon Dreams

Steve Parker, Parker Farm

Steve Parker, Parker Farm

I grow vegetables on 35-acres in Lunenberg, MA. My farm – Parker Farm – has been operating for 19 years and, if it doesn’t kill me, I’m planning to farm this land for many years to come.

More about Steve: “Common Ground: The Farmer and the Musician“.

Rachel Brinkerhoff, Dog Island Farm

Rachel Brinkerhoff, Dog Island Farm

My friends in college used to call me a Renaissance woman. I was always doing something crafty, creative, or utilitarian. I still am. My focus these days, instead of arts and crafts, has been farming as much of my urban quarter acre as humanly possible. With my husband, we run Dog Island Farm in the SF Bay Area. We raise chickens, goats, rabbits, dogs, cats, and a kid. We’re always keeping busy. If I’m not out in the yard I’m in the kitchen making something from scratch. Homemade always tastes better!

Dog Island Farm’s web site:

The HOMEGROWN Life column begins today with Danielle’s introductory post on what it’s like to urban farm: long hours, angry neighbors, and more good times…. Read it now!

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