Blog | February 14, 2012

A Farm Aid Musical Valentine

MattMusic Monday is a day late this week, but that’s not all bad because it does allow us to celebrate Valentine’s Day with some favorites from our Farm Aid board artists!

Here’s Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds performing “You & Me” at Farm Aid 2011 in Kansas City:

The next video isn’t a live Farm Aid performance, but instead is the original John Mellencamp music video for “Jack & Diane” released 30 years ago (which is awfully hard to believe!):

Neil Young performs “Comes A Time” at Farm Aid II in 1986 in Austin, Texas:

And Willie Nelson performs “Good Hearted Woman” at Farm Aid 2003 in Columbus, Ohio:

If you’re not quite in a cheery mood on this Valentine’s Day, here’s a taste of the blues with Buddy Guy and John Mayer performing “What Kind of Woman Is This?” at Farm Aid 2005 in Tinley Park, IL:

Finally, here’s a little Valentine’s Day video we created last year to show some love to family farmers:

Do you have a favorite Valentine’s Day song? Let us know in the comments!

Find more Farm Aid videos on our YouTube channel.

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