Blog | July 31, 2008

A Day In The Life of Your FarmYard Membership Kit: A Photo Essay by Erin

With our waves of ticket sales going on, we definitely have been busy around here. We are, as of today, pretty much completely sold out for tickets — that’s all 19,900 seats and patches of lawn at the Comcast Center. Whew.

If you missed your chance, and you still really want tickets, we are having a contest and the grand prize is four front row seats. Enter a description of your farmer hero — this can be anyone you know who makes a living or a hobby from growing or raising things — and you will be entered to win. No guarantees there, obviously, but it is a chance.

With last year’s merchandise recently going on sale, and the recent ticket sales, we have received an influx of merchandise orders and new FarmYard members. As our merchandise queen, Anna is fabulous at getting orders out, but we’ve all gotten a little backed up with the new FarmYard memberships. When you join the FarmYard, you get a letter with a membership card, a tote bag, and a bookmark. I know some of you are sitting at home eagerly anticipating your membership packages; I’ve taken some pictures so you can see what it’s like as we put them together.

These are stacks of letters and tote bags waiting to be packed.

My hands with one of Anna’s membership letters and bookmark, folding
the letter for the envelope.

We also need to fold the tote bags before we can pack them.

We put the letter and a tote bag into the envelope…

Seal it…

And throw it in a box for the mailpeople. We’ve put out ten of these boxes in the last two days, so if you’re waiting for anything, please be patient and I promise it will get to you soon.

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