Farm Aid Resource Network User Guide

Welcome to the Farm Aid Resource Network, your portal to more than 500 organizations providing services, tools and opportunities for family farm profitability and sustainability, as well as immediate support for you and your farm. This guide will introduce you to the Search Tool and show you how to find the resources you need.

Using the Search Tool

The heart of the Farm Aid Resource Network is the Search Tool, where you can find resources to match the specific needs of your farm.

Farm Aid Resource Network search tool

To perform a search, you'll be asked to identify "What Best Describes You," the "Location of Your Farm," your "Type of Farm" and select a "Type of Help Needed." When you're finished, click the "Search for Organizations" button.


  • For the best and clearest search results, check only one or two "Types of Help" for each search.
  • For a description of each "Type of Help" category, simply scroll over the name and a brief description will pop up, as seen below:
Farm Aid Resource Network pop up

Navigating Your Results

Your search results will be prioritized by your location and the type of help you need. Resources that cover your state will be included, as well as national groups. Each listing will have the following information available:

Farm Aid Resource Network information


  • Organizations located in your state or that specifically serve your state will be listed first in the results. Make sure to look through all of your results to see the national-level organizations that might also be good resources.
  • A wide range of organizations can result from a single "Type of Help" category, and especially if you search for multiple "Types of Help." Be sure to look through all the results to find the organizations that will best serve your needs.
  • Each listing identifies General Services and Core Services provided by the organization. General services are simply services offered by the organization. Core services those that the organization specializes in providing with a high level of expertise.
  • The service categories you searched for will be listed in bold.
  • You can print your results by selecting the Print button at the top of your search results page, as shown.
    Farm Aid Resource Network print
  • You can edit your search on the results page by changing selections in the menu on the left. Be sure to click the Search for Organizations button once you're done.
  • Farm Aid Resource Network modify search

Contacting Your Resources

Now that you've found resources that can help your farm, it's time to start using them! Below are some tips for reaching out to the organizations listed in your results:


  • Resources in the Farm Aid Resource Network are often staffed with busy service providers. Before you call, do your homework so you can utilize their time wisely. In many cases you'll find what you're looking for on a listing's websites. We'll do our best to direct you to their online resources.
  • When you call, share some background about your farm before discussing what you need. This will save time and help them serve you better.
  • Some resources will be pros at customer service, while others are large and bureaucratic or have a very small staff made up of volunteers. Don't get discouraged if they don't get back to you right away.
  • Get to know the services out there for you. You may find there are resources you return to several times.
  • If you have a difficult exchange with any resource in the network, feel free to give us feedback.

Giving Us Feedback

Your input helps us improve the Farm Aid Resource Network for farmers and ranchers like you. Once you've used the search tool, please tell us about your experience!


  • Be sure to give us feedback while the experience is still fresh in your mind!
  • By providing your email address, we can follow up with you to learn how the resources you contacted were able to assist you, helping us maintain the quality of our referral service.
  • If you know of a resource that isn't listed in the Farm Aid Resource Network, please let us know by emailing
  • Did a weird result come up for you? We're working on it! There will always be outlier results that come up in a search, but if you're not finding any resources appropriate for your needs, give us a call at 1-800-FARM-AID.
  • Did the resources you found in the Farm Aid Resource Network help you and your farm? Share your story by contacting us at