Farm Aid 2014 HOMEGROWN Village

Savvy Farm Aid fans know that main stage music isn't the only source of fun and excitement during the annual concert. And this year's HOMEGROWN Village, open all afternoon and located within Walnut Creek Amphitheatre, is going to be bigger and better than ever! Inside the HOMEGROWN Village, over 35 food and farm groups, artists and DIY agrarians from across the country—from the local to the national—will offer a wealth of interactive exhibits for your entertainment and edification. Come on out to the Village and get your hands dirty!

The HOMEGROWN Village is a playful, multi-faceted, fully participatory exhibiting and meeting space for everyone to enjoy. In the heart of the Village is the FarmYard, where all farmers and concertgoers are welcomed to relax, chat, hear from exciting artist and farmer interviews on the FarmYard stage. In the FarmYard, concertgoers can also learn more about pressing issues family farmers are facing and Take Action with Farm Aid to support fair farm policies.

In the HOMEGROWN Skills Tent, Farm Aid's partners with local groups to present hands-on workshops on sustainable fishing, flower crowns, seed saving, pepper jelly, and friendship bracelets.

Come join in with local, regional and national farm and food groups and family farmer, fisher and farmworker networks in learning how to protect our land and water, grow our economy, and provide great food to everyone. You bet, we all love the main stage music! But you'll be kicking yourself after the show if you miss out on the HOMEGROWN Village at Farm Aid 2014!

Check out the HOMEGROWN Village exhibitor list below for a preview of what you can look forward to on September 13.

HOMEGROWN Village 2011

Photo © Shriya Manian

Farm Aid 2014 Site Map

Where will you find the HOMEGROWN Village? Click here to view or print the site map showing the location of the stage, HOMEGROWN Village, HOMEGROWN Concessions, merchandise sales, restrooms and more. Or just download the Farm Aid 2014 App for your iPhone or Android to have the map, lineup schedule, and all the other information you'll need for the show in the palm of your hand.

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Operating Hours

The HOMEGROWN Village will be open on concert day between noon and 5:30pm.

HOMEGROWN Village Exhibits

In the Farm Aid FarmYard:

Come mingle with farmers and farm advocates, hear from artists and farmers on the FarmYard Stage, take action in Farm Aid's Action Center, or just take a load off on a hay bale in the shade. In the FarmYard you'll find these exhibits:

Take Action with Farm Aid: Farm Aid's Action Center
Join Farm Aid in taking action to demand fair farm policies that support family farmers.

Farmer Massages
Arranged by Inter-Faith Food Shuttle
Come work out your kinks with these free massages for farmers with credentials (or those who have the dirt under their nails to prove it!)

On Farm Aid's FarmYard Stage:

Listen as Jim Hightower, two-term Texas Agriculture Commissioner and populist agitator, moderates discussions with Farm Aid 2014 artists and family farmers about the promise that family farmers offer our nation and the challenges that impede their progress. This year's FarmYard Stage line-up includes (times are subject to change):

1:00 p.m. // Urban-Rural Connections
Urban farms do much more than grow food within city limits - they also help us to understand and value rural farmers and communities.

2:00 p.m. // The Fisher/Farmer Hand Shake
Fishers and farmers face similar challenges as they work to bring good food to your plate. These fish and farm leaders are building solidarity for a better future on land and sea.

3:00 p.m. // Have your concert and eat Good Food too!
HOMEGROWN Concessions®  has been a staple offering at Farm Aid concerts (and beyond!) since 2007. See what it takes to transform the Farm Aid concert into a marketplace for family farm food.

4:00 p.m. // Growing Transitions: From Tobacco to Good Food
In the wake of North Carolina's failing tobacco economy, these farmers are blazing an innovative trail toward an enduring, sustainable food system.

5:00 p.m. // Getting Meat Out to Pasture
Disenchanted with the industrial model, these farmers discuss their struggles with CAFOs and their path to greener pastures.

In the HOMEGROWN Skills Tent:

12:30 p.m. // Shell-off Smackdown: Sustainable Fishing 101
Presented by Walking Fish CSF
What's the right way to shuck an oyster or a clam? And what's a community-supported fishery anyway? Find out when Chris McCaffity and Debra Callaway of the cooperative Walking Fish join chef Sharon Kennedy in a demo on shucking technique. Then pit your newfound skills against the pros in a shrimp-cleaning faceoff. Ready? Set? Shell!
Twitter: @WalkingFishCSF

1:30 p.m. // Hair-DO: Flower Crowns 101
Presented by Pine State Flowers
Get gussied up for Farm Aid 2014 and support local farmers to boot! Maggie Smith of Pine State Flowers, Durham's sole local-only flower shop, leads a workshop on making hair garlands using North Carolina-grown flora provided by Spring Forth Farm, Waterdog Farms, and Wild Hare Farm.
Twitter: @nclocalflowers

2:30 p.m. // Grow It Again: Seed Saving 101
Presented by SEEDS
Love the veggies you grew this year? Did you know you can save the seeds and reap their bounty again next summer? Hilary Nichols of SEEDS, a nonprofit educational community garden in Durham, walks you through the cleaning and storing process. Courtesy of the Digging Durham Seed Library, you'll take home ready-to-plant seeds whose offspring you can save and share next year!
Twitter: @SEEDS_nc

3:30 p.m. // Spice It Up: Pepper Jelly 101
Presented by Two Chicks Farm
Wondering what to do with all those chiles from your garden? Two words: pepper jelly. Audrey Lin and Debbie Donnald of Two Chicks Farm show you how to make your own spread while sharing some back-fence wisdom on farming and the benefits of fermented foods.
Twitter: @twochicksfarm

4:30 p.m. // Friends in Deed: Friendship Bracelets 101
Presented by Abundance NC
Show your pal—and your environment—some love! Grab a buddy and make friendship bracelets from natural fibers (alpaca, sheep's wool, hemp) with the good folks of Abundance NC.
Twitter: @abundancefound

Under the Big Tents:

Hungry for Justice: Putting the Social Piece back into Sustainable Ag
Presented by: Agricultural Justice Project
Understand how the food dollar reaches both farmworkers' and farmers through interactive games; learn how the Agricultural Justice Project is working to transform the dominant food system that has failed its farmers and workers into one where human rights and dignity are valued and rewarded, right alongside protection of our natural resources.

COMPOST + HELP = Sustainable Super Soils for a Greener Future
Presented by "Bringing It Home" & Brooks Contractor
COMPOST + HELP = Sustainable Super Soils for a Greener Future! Learn about what happens with Farm Aid 2014's compostable waste and how hemp's comeback can better U.S. farmlands. 

Farm Fresh Fun at Farm Tours
Presented by: Carolina Farm Stewardship Association
Experience farm fresh fun at the Carolina Farm Stewardship Association re-created mini farm tour!

Healthy Farms, Healthy People
Presented by: The Center for Environmental Farming Systems
Come by and learn about where our food comes from, how long it takes to get to your plate and what YOU can do to support local farmers and producers!

Sustainability is Central at CCCC
Presented by: Central Carolina Community College Department of Sustainability
This exhibit encapsulates a wide range of sustainable practices for a positive impact on people, profits and the planet now and into the future.

21st Century Farming: How Aquaponics Complements Soil-Based Farming in a Time of Weather Extremes and Climate Change
Presented by: Certified Naturally Grown
See a miniature aquaponics system with live fish and fresh greens, and discover how aquaponics can help us meet the challenge of farming in the hotter, dryer farming conditions of the 21st Century.

Which Way Towards a New Day?
Presented by: Coalition of Immokalee Workers
Walk in a tomato picker's shoes for a day in this interactive exhibit — and learn how YOU can take action in support of a new day for workers!

HOMEGROWN Village 2011

Photo © Shriya Manian

Forever Farms
Presented by: Conservation Trust for North Carolina
See the artistry of how North Carolina's land trusts ensure farmers have land to farm, while protecting water and land resources for future generations.

How to Develop a District-wide Farm and Outdoor Learning Lab
Presented by: Durham Public Schools Hub Farm
Engage with the system! Learn how to grow your school garden concept into a district-wide farm.

Return to Kituwah: Eastern Cherokee Reestablish Family Farms at Our Mothertown
Presented by: Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians
Learn Cherokee words and phrases used in gardening while hearing about how the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians are continuing their agricultural traditions at Mothertown.

The Farm Advocate Link Listening Booth
Presented by: The Farm Advocate Link, a joint project of Farm Aid and RAFI-USA
The Farm Advocate Link is a national network of farm advocates dedicated to providing advice and counsel to farmers in need. Farm advocates from around the country will be on hand to share their experiences of listening to and helping farmers with financial, credit, land access, disaster and crisis issues. If you're a farmer interested in becoming a farm advocate, please visit the booth!

Farmer Foodshare
Presented by: Farmer Foodshare
Come play the Farmer Foodshare trivia game that incorporates facts about the enormous bounty and the undeniable hunger throughout North Carolina and the Triangle.

Homegrown By Heroes
Presented by: Farmer Veteran Coalition
Check out the Farmer Veteran Coalition's interactive national map to find vet farmers in the U.S., and learn about the new labeling initiative, 'Homegrown By Heroes.'

Florida Certified Organic Growers & Consumers
Presented by: Florida Certified Organic Growers & Consumers
Learn how we’re redirecting food stamp funds to support family farms and better health.

Fracking and the Food System
Presented by: Food & Water Watch
Learn about how fracking affects our food system and why supporting family farmers can help protect our food and water resources.

Puppetry & Reading Room for the Real Farm Movement!
Presented by: The Greenhorns
The Greenhorns exhibit offers a specially curated collection of grassroots agricultural journals and radical farm literature from around the world, as well as puppet shows by the Rural Academy Theater.

Sustainable Farming with Industrial Hemp
Presented by: Growing Warriors
A look at Growing Warriors' Homegrown By Heroes Industrial Hemp Pilot Project.

Presented by: HeadCount
Visit the HeadCount booth to Register to Vote, learn about the iCitizen smartphone app, and Pledge to Vote to enter to win a raffle prize.

HOMEGROWN Village 2011

Photo © Shriya Manian

Feed, Teach & Grow Food for a HungerFreeNC
Presented by: Inter-Faith Food Shuttle
Come learn how to reduce food waste through composting to build soil for growing food, how gleaning takes produce from farms directly to hungry people, how urban ag builds self-sufficiency and food security, and how beginning farmers can use a brand new online resource to help them take root.

Three Decades of Advocacy for Socially-Disadvantaged Farmers
Presented by: Land Loss Prevention Project
Preserving family farms, protecting the environment, securing rural livelihoods are tasks foundational to sustainable development. Come learn why!

Land Grabs Destroy Farmers, Communities & the Environment
Presented by: National Family Farm Coalition
Land grabs exist! Come learn how to recognize and engage with efforts to stop them before the rest of our farmland is owned by non-farming transnational corporations, banks and real estate developers.

Farm to School: Growing Stronger Together
Presented by: National Farm to School Network
Children and families will explore their own personal connections to farm fresh food by taking part in a "Farm to School Photo Booth" and "Know Your Local Food Taste Test".

The H2O You Didn't Know
Presented by: NCAT, The National Center for Appropriate Technology
Interact with a water display to visually realize how human surface activities in farming, energy and residential water usage relate to both groundwater quality and quantity.

Farming is Public Service!
Presented by: The National Young Farmers Coalition
Share how farms serve your local community and learn how to support the next generation of farmers.

Because that's what Aggies DO!
Presented by: North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
Visit with the Aggies at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University's booth and spin the the wheel of farming knowledge and you will leave better able to be a better farmland steward.

Let's Make an (Ocean) Grab!
Presented by: Northeast Atlantic Marine Alliance
How do ocean, resource and land grabs destroy fisherman, farmers, sea and land food, communities and the environment? Play "Let's Make an (Ocean) Grab!" and find out who's grabbing our land, ocean and other resources.

Know Where Your Food Comes From
Presented by: Piedmont Grown
The food we eat does not magically appear, someone's hard work and love goes into it. Come learn about the food grown in our region and the folks who grow it!

The "Life" of a Farmer
Presented by: RAFI-USA
RAFI-USA invites you to take an interactive look at North Carolina agriculture and the choices faced by modern producers; do you have what it takes to be a farmer today?

Protecting America's Farmers and Clean Water
Presented by: Rural Coalition and National Wildlife Federation
Learn why American farmers are concerned about protecting US water and how you can help!

Empowering Communities to Stop Factory Farms
Presented by: Socially Responsible Agriculture Project
Where will the next generation's food come from - factory farms or family farms? You have the power to create the vision.

Sustainable Biodiesel — Environmental and Community Benefits
Presented by: Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance
Learn about the benefits of sustainable biodiesel on the farm and in the community!

Cotton of the Carolinas
Presented by: TS Designs
Come see the seven-step process from Dirt to Shirt of our supply chain. See and touch the materials from cotton seed to completed t-shirt: grown, made and sold in the Carolinas!

What can the USDA do for you?
Presented by: USDA-North Carolina, Rural Development
Ready to invest in the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow.

What's in the Water?
Presented by: Waterkeeper Alliance & Coastal River Watch
Come learn about the effects of industrial agricultural on North Carolina's water ways.