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Tell the FDA that we need mandatory labeling of all GE foods

When was the last time you were at a grocery store and saw, "This product contains genetically engineered ingredients?" Never? That's because here in the U.S. there's no requirement that GE ingredients be labeled, so these labels don't exist.

This isn't just about our rights as eaters. Farmers should have the right to purchase, plant and save non-GE seeds, and grow their crops without fear of GE contamination. Lack of regulation for genetic engineering violates all of these basic rights for both farmers and eaters.

Willie, Neil, John, and Dave want fair markets for farmers and ranchers. Do you?

Willie Nelson, Neil Young, John Mellencamp and Dave Matthews come together every year to perform on the same stage for family farmers. Now they've come together to demand fair markets for farmers and ranchers. You can join them.

Stop the abuse of antibiotics in agriculture

Don't let the irresponsible use of antibiotics continue to give industrial factory farms an unfair advantage over family farmers who manage their animals more responsibly. Antibiotics have a place on the farm — when they're needed to treat sick animals — not to promote a system that puts us all at risk.

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Farm to School programs present an opportunity to provide your children with farm fresh food from local family farms. They help local family farmers provide fresh, quality fruits and vegetables for students and teachers to enjoy, leading to healthy farms and healthy minds!

Download our Farm to School 101 Toolkit to learn how you can start or expand a program in your local school.