Farm Aid Resource Guide for Beginning Farmers

Photo: Minnesota Food Association

Photo: Minnesota Food Association

If you are considering a career in farming, the resources below will provide you with a general overview of how to get started, where to gain experience, and who can help you along the way.
Updated Spring 2016.


Take a look at The Greenhorns’ Guidebook for Beginning Farmers [PDF link] for an all-in-one list of resources, advice and support services for beginning farmers. Visit for an extensive array of resources, publications, events, forums and other tools for beginning farmers. Tour to explore what it takes to start farming and to find resources, particularly within the U.S. Department of Agriculture, to help get you on your way.


Hands-on, experiential learning is essential for gaining skills and knowledge. For people interested in entering farming as a career, apprenticeships and internships provide essential opportunities to learn about production, marketing and business management. In addition, the relationships developed between mentor farmers and mentees can continue to help beginning farmers throughout their careers.

Search by state to find farm apprenticeship opportunities in your area with the ATTRA Sustainable Internship and Apprenticeship Database.

Other places to find jobs on farms and with food and farming organizations include: Orion Grassroots Network, Good Food Jobs, and Sustainable Agriculture Education Association. Farms may also post job opportunities on Craigslist, local farm bulletins, and in farming publications.

Farming listservs can also be great resources for jobs, ideas and more. See if there is one in your area by tapping into the local CRAFT group.

The Land Stewardship Project’s Farm Beginnings program is an innovative farmer-training course that emphasizes whole farm planning and sustainable farming methods. Check out their list of similar programs across the country.

Beginning farmers and ranchers can find in-person and online training courses in holistic farm management practices through Holistic Management International.

Women can connect with the Women, Food & Agriculture Network, which offers programs and resources geared specifically towards women farmers.

Want to combine academics and agriculture? There are a variety of student farms across the country from small, private colleges to large, public universities. Check out the student farm directories from Sustainable Agriculture Education Association. 

Farm Incubator Programs offer great opportunities to receive training, guidance and experience through a structured program that often includes business and financial planning, technical assistance and cooperative marketing. ALBA, New Entry Sustainable Farming Project, Center for Environmental Farming Systems, Angelic Organics Learning Center, Intervale Center, Cultivate Kansas City, and the Minnesota Food Association are just a few of the many programs available.


Stay connected to the beginning farmer movement through The Greenhorns and The National Young Farmers Coalition.

Learn more about how you can advocate for change on a national level! Some organizations that work on federal policy issues affecting beginning farmers are the Center for Rural Affairs in Nebraska, Dakota Rural Action in South Dakota, Land Stewardship Project in Minnesota, and National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition in Washington D.C.


It can be helpful to have a broad perspective about the food and farming system. For history lessons, inspiration and reality checks about what it means to be a farmer turn to these thought-leaders and change makers. The following resources can help you develop a deeper understanding of agrarian philosophy, agricultural history and the Good Food Movement, including who holds power, shapes policy and makes change happen.

Wendell Berry, The Unsettling of America

Michael Pollen, The Omnivore’s Dilemma, In Defense of Food

Barbara Kingsolver, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle

Eliot Coleman, Four Season Harvest

Aldo Leopold, Sand County Almanac

Rachel Carson, Silent Spring

Vandana Shiva, Manifestos on the Future of Food and Seed, Stolen Harvest

Forrest Pritchard, Gaining Ground

Joel Salatin, You Can Farm, and many more

Sir Albert Howard, An Agricultural Testament

Not finding what you need? Request one-on-one assistance from our Farmer Services team, by filling out our Online Request for Assistance form or by calling 1-800-FARM-AID (1-800-327-6243). Farm Aid staff are happy to listen and help you however we can.

Also check out our Online Directory of farm service organizations and Farmer Hero stories for additional inspiration and ideas.

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