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The Farm Bill Quiz

We’ve put together this short, fun quiz to test your knowledge of the Farm Bill. If you need to study up a little bit before diving into the quiz, check out our Farm Bill 101.

The Farm Bill Quiz

True or False: Thomas Jefferson signed the first Farm Bill into law in 1804.

The Farm Bill is divided up into titles. How many titles were in the last Farm Bill?

How often is a new version of the Farm Bill passed by Congress?

The 2014 Farm Bill contained $867 billion worth of spending. What percentage went towards supporting beginning farmers?

True or False: SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), formerly known as food stamps, was added to the 1996 Farm Bill signed by President Clinton.

What are specialty crops?

Which title contains programs to support maple syrup promotion?

What program is simultaneously a nutrition, anti-poverty and economic stimulus program?

These grants fall under the Rural Development title and are essential to help farmers grow local food systems and process and market products made from the food they grow, like applesauce, jams and yogurts.

This program is so critical to protecting farms that it is considered mandatory and the government even pitches in to help cover two-thirds of farmers' costs to purchase it.
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