Farmer Heroes | December 6, 2004

Bud Odland

Clarion, Iowa

Bud Odland’s farming operation is multigenerational. He farms with his sons Dave and Dan and their families in Clarion, Iowa. When the Odlands joined Niman Ranch in 2002, farming the Niman Ranch way was not new to them. In fact, their current breeding stock of sows and boars dates back more than 100 years. The cross breeds he and his family have raised for generations continue to be well-suited to living outdoors in the Iowa climate and they produce great eating pork.

The Odlands raise pigs on pasture in a crop rotation with corn and soybeans. The corn is raised to feed the hogs. Their sows farrow (give birth to piglets) in pasture huts that they have been using and repairing for nearly 50 years. When they bought the huts, in the 1960s, they purchased them at a farm sale.

Because the Odlands have such strong breeding stock, they have sold sows and gilts to many other farmers getting started in the Niman Ranch family. They sold several sows to a young neighbor, Jonathan Holmes, while he was still in high school. Jonathan is now Niman Ranch’s youngest farmer. After his experience with the Odland sows, he decided to farm and raise hogs after college.

Niman Ranch is a source for meats produced only by family farmers. If you purchase meat right now from Niman Ranch online, a portion of your purchase will come back to Farm Aid as a donation from Niman Ranch!

Date: 12/16/2004

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