Ask Farm Aid

Ask Farm Aid | 03.22.13

Why is it so difficult for farmers to find affordable farmland these days?

Ask Farm Aid | 11.22.12

The PBS documentary about the Dust Bowl was amazing – what a disaster of epic proportions and a reminder of how important the soil is to our lives! How do today’s farmers care for the soil?

Ask Farm Aid | 10.22.12

The other day, I came across “grassfed beef” in the supermarket. Aren’t all beef cattle fed grass? If not, what do they eat? Is this something I should feed my family?

Ask Farm Aid | 03.20.12

Is the USDA truly supporting local and regional agriculture?

Ask Farm Aid | 02.17.12

I’m concerned about the use of antibiotics in farm animals and would like to find antibiotic-free meat and poultry products. Any suggestions?

Ask Farm Aid | 01.06.12

What’s going on with the Farm Bill?

Ask Farm Aid | 11.17.11

What can you tell me about family farm turkey?

Ask Farm Aid | 10.17.11

I saw your recent action alert about labeling GE foods (and I did it!), but I’m wondering why Farm Aid is involved. How will GE labeling do anything for family farmers?

Ask Farm Aid | 09.25.11

Word is big cuts are in store for farmers in the upcoming Farm Bill. What is the Farm Bill and what will budget cuts mean for family farmers?

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