Ask Farm Aid

Ask Farm Aid | 05.18.15

A look at the poultry industry — How does chicken get on your plate?

Ask Farm Aid | 04.23.15

How will the new trade deals being negotiated affect farmers?

Ask Farm Aid | 04.21.15

How will the Keystone XL pipeline affect our farmers and farmland?

Ask Farm Aid | 07.06.14

A New Farm Economy Rises from Tobacco’s Ashes

Ask Farm Aid | 03.31.14

Parched: What the West shows us about our water future

Ask Farm Aid | 10.31.13

What does Farm Aid do with the money that it raises at the annual concert?

Ask Farm Aid | 09.01.13

I watched the webcast of Farm Aid 2013 and was really moved by the call to action to support family farmers in my home state. I know that dairy is big here and family dairy farmers seem to be struggling. What can I do to help?

Ask Farm Aid | 07.31.13

I have heard horror stories about the dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico this year. How can farmers better support our waterways?

Ask Farm Aid | 05.30.13

I finally got around to watching “Food, Inc.” I was floored to see what poultry producers actually go through. Is this really what’s behind the chicken on my plate?

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