About HOMEGROWN Concessions®

What are HOMEGROWN Concessions®?

  • HOMEGROWN Concessions® brings the joy of tasting good food from family farms into events and venues. HOMEGROWN Concessions® serves food that is sustainably produced by family farmers, identified as local and/or organic, or engaging in other ecological practices such as grass-fed or non-genetically engineered, and with a commitment to a fair price for farmers. HOMEGROWN Concessions® showcases the farmer story and is served in compostable or recyclable packaging.
  • Since 2007, Farm Aid's annual concert has distinguished itself as the first major concert event to serve family farm food in concessions and backstage. More than 100,000 concertgoers have eaten HOMEGROWN food, from hot dogs and burgers, to corn on the cob and fresh fruits from farmers markets.
  • HOMEGROWN Concessions® is achieved by relentless dedication to tracking the source of food items. Through existing supply chains and by leveraging Farm Aid's relationships with family farmers, brands and cooperatives, HOMEGROWN's culinary director identifies family farm ingredients. The success of HOMEGROWN Concessions® proves that family farm food can supply food service and has the potential to open vast new markets for family farmers.
  • HOMEGROWN fulfills Farm Aid's mission to create thriving family farms and to promote food from family farms to eaters everywhere. HOMEGROWN fulfills the increasing consumer demand for family farm food and provides farmers economic reward for sustainable growing methods.

HOMEGROWN Partners with Centerplate

  • Centerplate will host sports' biggest day: Super Bowl XLVI at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana.
  • Centerplate knows that fans are increasingly looking for healthier alternatives at sports venues. Farm Aid's experience serving HOMEGROWN food at its concerts makes a Centerplate partnership with Farm Aid a natural fit.
  • Centerplate is thrilled to support family farms in Indiana and beyond, while featuring local, organic and pasture-raised products at its biggest sporting event of the year.
  • By making every effort to buy local in all of its venues, not just Lucas Oil Stadium, Centerplate has an on-going commitment to local partnership. Donating $2.00 to Farm Aid for every bowl of chili sold at the Super Bowl continues this commitment.

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