Don’t Bank on It!

Farmers Face Significant Barriers to Credit Access During Economic Downturn

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Farm credit is the backbone of American agriculture. During the recent economic downturn, America's family farmers faced significant barriers to accessing farm credit, which endangered their economic security and the stability of rural communities and food production in America. This national survey of farm credit counselors and farm advocacy organizations demonstrates the critical, growing and overlooked gaps in credit availability for our nation’s farmers at a time when they need it most.

Click here to read a March 2011 report summarizing the results of a survey conducted on farmer access to credit (PDF format).

The report is a joint project from:

Click here to read a report by Timothy A. Wise of Tufts University titled, "Still Waiting for the Farm Boom: Family Farmers Worse Off Despite High Crop Prices."

Click here to read the press release about the reports, "New Reports Dispel Notions of a Booming Farm Sector: Barriers to Credit and Low Net Cash Farm Income Erode Viability of Farms During 'Great Recession'"