Farm to School 101: Farm Aid Toolkit

Farm to School 101: Farm Aid Toolkit

Click here to download Farm Aid's Farm to School 101 Toolkit to learn how you can help establish relationships between local farmers and your schools.

  • Did you know that only 21% of high school students, who need nutritious foods to supply mental and physical growth, consume the recommended number of fruit and vegetable servings each day? A higher intake of fruits and vegetables is associated with improved academic performance, meaning that a dietary deficiency can hinder school success.

  • Did you know that every week, hundreds of farmers leave their land and that the average farmer now earns only 19 cents of every food dollar? Thriving, healthy, local farms contribute to community stability, food safety, the development of a strong, local economy, and the preservation of land and the environment for generations to come.

Farm to School programs are one solution to both of these problems. They help local family farmers provide fresh, quality fruits and vegetables for students and teachers to enjoy, leading to healthy farms and healthy minds!

Where to begin?

Check out our Farm to School 101 Toolkit to learn how you can start or expand a Farm to School program in your area! Click here to download the PDF.

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