Helping Family Farmers Thrive

Farm Aid fights to keep families on the land growing good food.

How Farm Aid Helps Farmers

Through our hotlines (1-800-FARM-AID and and the Farm Aid Resource Network, Farm Aid staff refer farmers to a network of more than 700 family farm organizations across the country. The referrals support farmers seeking to make transitions to more sustainable and profitable farming practices, and also provide immediate and effective support services to farm families in crisis. Farm Aid makes grants to farm and rural service organizations to create this network of resources for farmers.

Why family farmers need help

Family farmers in the United States are under extreme economic pressure and thousands are pushed off their land every year. This crisis in farm country is threatening the very existence of the family farm in America. As family farms are forced out by large, factory farms, the quality of our food, our environment and our food security is in danger.

Why family farmers are important

Independent family farmers are the pillars of their communities. They grow high quality food, are active in civic life, and are essential to the economic vitality of both their hometowns and the nation. As stewards of the land, family farmers work to protect the soil, air, water, and biodiversity in addition to producing high-quality, healthy food for everyone.

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