Did you know?

Farming is a tough business. In the 1930s, there were close to seven million farms in the United States. Today, just two million remain. On average, these farms depend on off-farm employment to supply 90% of their income.*

*USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service. 2007 Census of Agriculture. United States Department of Agriculture. Washington, D.C. 2009.

Bring Food and Farm Issues to Your Community

Organize a neighborhood gathering and invite a family farmer to discuss the benefits of local sustainable food production.

Educating your friends and neighbors about food and farm issues is a critical step in building the Good Food Movement. Coming together will help your community establish common concerns that people have about their food and what can be done to address them. You may even find there are local organizations in your area that support the cause.

Take Action

Many family farmers are involved in alternative food and farming systems like CSA farms, farmer cooperatives, and direct marketing like farmers markets. Gather your friends to talk about how you can support them and join or start local advocacy organizations that support good food from family farmers in your community.

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