Farm Aid 2014

Farm Aid 2014

We're excited to announce the date of Farm Aid 2014: Saturday, September 13! Unfortunately, that's all we can share with you right now, but we wanted to let you—our most loyal fans—be the first to know the date.

Stay tuned, we'll make the full announcement soon, including the complete lineup. Thanks for your support, and your patience—there's an awesome Farm Aid 2014 in the works!

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Ag Census - Loss of Farms

The New Agriculture Census

Every five years, starting way back in 1840, the U.S. Department of Agriculture releases a new ag census.

We've combed through and picked out the top 10 things the new census tells us about family farmers and our food system right now.

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Farmer Heroes

Sarah Hoffman & Jacqueline Smith

Our newest Farmer Heroes are the operators of Green Dirt Farm in Missouri.

They're one of only 150 sheep dairies in the country, and talk about how they got into farming, their cheesemaking, and starting a new project to unite sheep dairies transitioning from feeding animals concentrated grains to grass.

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We started out to save the family farmer. Now it looks like the family farmer is going to save us. -- Willie Nelson

What is a family farmer?

The truth is that there is no hard-and-fast definition of what a family farm is. So what does Farm Aid mean when we talk about them?

Learn how many family farmers are on the land now, why we've lost so many over the past few decades, and what Farm Aid is doing to keep family farmers growing good food for all of us.

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Farmer Resource Network

The Farm Aid Resource Network

Connects family farmers with hundreds of organizations that have ideas for diversifying and strenghtening their farms.

Whether you're looking for help writing a business plan or applying for a loan, you're interested in learning new farming methods, or you're hoping to get involved in local advocacy efforts, find it in the Farm Aid Resource Network.

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Farmer Hero

Farmer hero

Sarah Hoffmann & Jacqueline Smith

Sarah and Jacqueline run Green Dirt Farm in Missouri, one of only 150 sheep dairies in the country. Learn how they got into farming and how they're giving back. Read more >>

For Farmers


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If you are a farmer looking for advice, assistance, or just some resources for your farm, Farm Aid is here to help.

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