Why can't I get any of this "delicious food from family farmers" at the Farm Aid concert?

September 2006

Dear Laura

Why, why, why, can't I get any of this "delicious food from family farmers" at the Farm Aid concert? I have been going to your shows for years now and all day, all I hear about is good food that I can't find anywhere on site. Help!

Pete Grossman
Boise, ID

Hi Pete!
You sure aren't the only person to point out this odd contradiction to us. Over the past few years, Farm Aid has been a leader of something that we call the "Good Food Movement." This movement is composed of a diverse community of farmers, consumers, parents, chefs, foodies, grocers - people who care about their food and are working together to make sure that everyone has access to good food. Farm Aid works to spread the word that good food comes from family farms but where is that Good Food Movement at the Farm Aid concert?

Little by little, we have tried to address this disconnect. Family farm co-ops Patchwork Family Farms and Cedar Grove Cheese have delighted our fans with BBQ pork and grilled cheese sandwiches over the years. In 2002, in Burgettstown, PA, we took a step in the right direction when we launched Organic World. We were proud to give a home to great companies like Organic Valley so that people could taste some of their delicious products. But we wanted to do more than give just a taste of good food! We're proud to say that this year we are!

In addition to Patchwork and Organic World and the standard concert fare, our fans will be able to choose foods that are entirely organic or sourced locally, from family farms. As you read this right now, we are working hard to make sure that the food choices at Farm Aid '06 Presented by Silk Soymilk are prime examples of all the hope and energy that we see in the Good Food Movement.

Check this out: At the show this year you will have your choice of organic hotdogs, organic hamburgers, veggie burgers, organic popcorn, organic fruit juice drinks, organic cookies, Portobello hoagies, yogurt parfaits and more! These yummy treats will be available at three different stations, made to order-FRESH!

We are very proud of this change and we hope to continue working in this direction in future years. So, come out and help support good food and good music. Eat the food and send a message: "We want food from family farms!"

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