Tell the FDA that we need mandatory labeling of all GE foods.

When was the last time you were at a grocery store and saw, "This product contains genetically engineered ingredients?" Never? That's because here in the U.S. there's no requirement that GE ingredients be labeled, so these labels don't exist.

That's why we've joined with hundreds of organizations across the country to call on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to mandate labeling for all GE foods.

This isn't just about our rights as eaters—it's critical for farmers too. Farmers should have the right to purchase, plant and save non-GE seeds, and grow their crops without fear of GE contamination. Lack of regulation for genetic engineering violates all of these basic rights for both farmers and eaters.

We know that mandatory labeling of GE foods will not fix all that's wrong with genetic engineering, but it's an important step. Labeling GE ingredients will let you and I decide what kind of food we eat and feed our families. Labeling GE food will help family farmers who do not plant GE seeds to have a stronger market for selling their goods.

We have a right to know what we're eating.

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